Addition for the students of Moscow State University


                                            »So: is «time» a category and a second- isn’t?»

» They are like bullets at your temple….they moments»

«Brother could you sell me a little bit of your free time, you are wasting it….»

There is no such word as «time» (it was made up for everyday use).

There are only processes in this world (they take place only according

to their own rules, but not at the behest of  «Time» or «Space»).

There is our own, earthly measure, with which we measure it and

there is a graph(a clock face), according to which we record

and plan these measures  by measuring it with the help of a mechanism.


  Samolov: «A second is a measure and it is impossible to neither to tear it away nor to sell it. It is a measure of duration of an event and it just records how long did the event last and whether it goes in the duration of a day (A day is  also a measure and everything is compared with it)». A second  (a small measure) can not be torn away from the event, as it is impossible to tear away another measures like gram, centimeter, inch and to turn it into a separate reality.    It is scary but only matter exists in this world and all other things are only it’s manifestations. It is clear that the theory of relativity doesn’t exist. We are «nowhere» in space (like in a desert), without any coordinates or any homeland.    A second is not a high-flown word (a concept or a phenomenon). It is an ordinary centimeter (millimeter) for measuring the duration of events. A second can not torn away from the event which is being measured (if necessary), as it is impossible to tear away «a piece of a centimeter» with a part of a golden bar. A centimeter just measures the bar (of it is necessary) and has not connection neither with quality nor quantity or reality of the bar (some of these might not exist at all) as the third measure — gram, kilogram, liter, barrel, glass.    A second (like everything what we call «time») статистик  is a dry statistician.  «There was a kiss during this second and a fatal gunshot- during «that one»    Let’s clarify it. Events take place as you… You can measure them if you want or don’t measure them but you have to keep yourself under control. «The sun is already at it’s zenith» means that the turn of the Earth will present night soon.    D. Barbur, R.P. Seinmann, R. Power e.t.c. «measure» time. Think! A second-  a stable measure of a duration is measured by a second ticked by alarm- clock in order to understand at least something about the matter (about the qualities of some event?!). They decided (but they proved it only to themselves but not to us) that it (which may not exist if we don’t want to measure the duration of the event) and majestic TIME (our mover, magician, pusher, executioner) slows down if we put the clock  (an artificial mechanism, which of course would tick, clatter, while  measuring measures (it’s own and ours) sometimes with abnormalities) one the edge of a quickly circulating disk (R.M. Power)?! «It» is measured in the same way if the alarm –clock is placed on the roof of a high building or if it is flying in space with a speed of a photon or is located near the «black hole». And everything — the alarm- clock, the time and the other matter and even (it is scary to say so) the Space  (a total vacuum today) disappears. Everything turns into zero.    Of course those who are loyal to Albert Einstein have been cheating themselves and us  for about hundred years. A second which they measure with the help of mechanic or atomic clock is «nothing». A second is measured by a second…. A second of what? Thay cannot measure it, slow it down. It is always the same. It is a «unit — a measure to everything», it is a part of the duration of the turn of the Earth (day), it’s 86400th part  (a minute is it’s 1400th part). It’s a concrete real measure.   Someone might probably feel sorry and be scared that all the event take place on their own without any influence of time, according to it’s own laws (a pregnant woman will be ready to give birth at her own time, eating well).   A conclusion is that  time (second, minute, day) cannot be torn away from the event which is being measured and it is impossible to send it to space, into the «black hole”(the same as the calculator of earthly durations- the alarm clock), to send it from a common time (according to the coryphaeus) into  absolute time because this second is a moment of turn of the Earth! It is just a duration  (measure, in our earthly manner)  of the measured event! And if this second is nominal, countable, measurable and recordable on a clock face, the first second after midnight of the new turn (24:00) thousands of operations in the world is measured with it at the same time. The flight of the cosmonauts and Bush’s speech is measured with it at the same time!    It is one the clock face and it has already passed (this particular duration of this day). The hand has measures it, recorded it and sent it into the past into the centuries. Not this particular one, but any second  (measure), which we have simply snatched out of the duration of the day not even knowing to what hour (from 24 durations) does it belong to, to the firs one or to the second one….  One! And we have measured the duration of a round-  our ten small durations. 10 seconds (as we call it). We confront the duration of events (compare the duration)  with the duration of a complete turn of the Earth and with it’s 24 basic parts. We measure durations with durations!    And one more time. The main truth is that there is only matter in the world! All   other things are only it’s manifestations. There are no forces in the world which could influence it or even interact with it. Everything is vacuum! It’s so simple…