Teaching aid for students – CMPJ 190.

(In the morning it is wake-up and bracing, during the day it is corrective, compensative, tonic, in the evening it appears leveling disharmony (overload, insufficient load), relaxing and anastaltic).                 For fat people, slackers, losers there are «Exercises under a blanket». For the champions, people of all ages and health state — the perfect method of awakening from a dream and «recovering»…

It includes 190 authors, facilitated to the limit and improved to appeal, specially chosen (for these groups of muscles) exercises, which are used to help a soft baby muscles out of the state of rest.

«CMPJ 190» prepares every child to any motor loads in the school, sport group, on the street, it complements the comprehensive development system that was created forbringing up in every Russian family harmonically developed (physically, intellectually, esthetically, morally), hardworking and dedicated person (leader) and, if it is desired, an athlete of a new formation (who has 600 overdeveloped (not stacked with the anabolicsinterdependent and interrelated muscle groups) «perfect athlete» (with multiple margin of confidence and safety)! One of the main tasks of CMPJ is to captivate gently the child in a pleasant, happy, exciting, important and significant process which is not just about learning new and unusual feelings, but also the process of acquiring qualitatively new features and personality traits (qualities), directing his irrepressible (awoken in the morning) energy, curiosity, creativity and experimentation abilities — in the direction of long-term effective formation. CMPJ stands on this fertile field of education — and as auniversal, natural, discreet and totally irreplaceable efficient, unfailing (clear and a loved by children) exclusive, but very productive, balanced and safe, «Prevention of all vices»! Child is busy; the child createsadmires himself, and rejoices because of his success and enthusiastic estimates of others, he is inspired by the new results, which he plans by himself. «Success — joy — work – pleasure… and again — success!» — this is the ideal and the only possible FORMULA OF HAPPINESS.

The safest and most useful in the world physical jerks! It is the most original and most versatile (because you can do 2, 4 and even 6 exercises at the same time!), and the mostbeautiful. It is the most interesting, the newest and sweetest (because it is performed in bed.). It is the most gambling, the largest and the most complete (big, diverse and variable — 190 exercises for every taste and every task), the most complete (scientific), the most efficient, the most memorable (because it is natural) and the mostunderstandable, the most healingrevivifying, the most indispensable — most-most… it is the only one!.. because children in Russia do not have any

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