The ideal (true, normal, real, full) athlete — an ordinary man who has developed in early childhood and the most affordable, safe technique with minimal effort of the will by means of a 320-TI children, attractive, game, extremely lightweight specifically created by the author, magical exercises — in the grace and the free mode, with zero financial cost, the most common lowly family environment, and in a very short period of time all the 320 major muscle groups very young person and adult.

Formula athlete — AGAKARM (Absolute Harmony is absolutely the absolute number of muscle development) — comes from the following concepts: AGT (AGM) The absolute and  complete harmony of the body all muscle — a state of man (child, adult, old man) who has just «woken «during the month, year and slightly trained all 320 major muscle groups this is possible even in six or seven years age. IGT (IGM) perfect harmony of the body (muscles) — this is when all the 320 major muscle groups developed maximum, p and m e n a p n o and at the same time that there was no discord and deadly distortion like all current athletes developed and undeveloped muscles. It is difficult without anger and resentment for decades to observe a situation where absolutely destroyed all the muscle groups — one from the murderous under load, and others from excessive congestion. Efficiency is almost zero, and the damage — almost 100%.

System «to achieve absolute physical perfection» whole, universal, exclusive, scientific, perfect prepares advanced people absolutely and perfectly developed athletes in the free mode, without any special regulations, official decrees / talents (especially) people have different — and better, the main properties of the child and without it develop faster, better, identifying up surprisingly quickly its possible specialization, and then — only a «test 100 parameters»

Registered: the most democratic (nonviolent) method and complete a full physical and intellectual development, and unlimited (non stops) to improve. The most universal for all ages, and states for the general population method, which is also a g l a s m a n, a perfect and trouble-free way of education, that is invisible, so necessary for every family «Prevention of all sins!»

On the basis of clear requirements to achieve physical perfection and absolutely simple postulates of the system (method) «achieve absolute physical perfection,» formulas and the ideal athlete — an unshakable foundation for achieving all of these good goals in the education and education for children and parents is three times / units / registered «Family Sports Intellectual A technique for record-holder» (FAO, for the number 13 451 of 18 March 2008), which includes «Day Miracle Complex», «Children’s Magic Charge» 115 exercises performed while lying in bed (FAO, for the number of 15 026 March 31, 2009), «The methodology and set of exercises for intensive physical and overall development of the child» (FAO, 1704, № 10 October 1996), «Final Fantasy» with its ninety-three new copyright exercises in the series of absolute perfection, complement the overall picture of the fifteen games, exercises from my book «The very own coach,» and «Test 100 parameters», which is easily created drawn for any sport from three hundred and twenty Copyright exercise invented in games, competitions and fun with children of all ages by infinite relief exercises in order to attract attention and teach them all of the child. Besides — and even a variety of ways to improve them (rhythm, decreased range of motion, twinning exercise, «Trainers», hidden in the body / essentially all 320 exercises and has biostimulator hidden in the body structure — mobile, effective, efficient, and gambling, never not annoying /). «Test 100 parameters» — a modern, unique, time mastered in a family set of very important exercise, which is the basis of an examination for admission to sports clubs. Required if we are important health and safety of our children and themselves trainers.

SSIRM «record holder» serves not only universal, unseen until now, the giant 320 games in terms of fun, or occupational therapy, but a new attitude, and a method of self-knowledge, or an additional. Means of communication and have leadership, coupled with peers, relationships between sexes, ages and characters, but also trouble-free, discreet and burdensome, extremely efficient, effective and charming (and exciting gambling), is extremely clear and accessible (and certainly every family holiday for) «prevention of all evils» and on a national scale — Secret Doctrine of Total Development of Russian sport, and even — that fascinating, unfading, cherished, blessed Russian national idea (but only in this case — a win-win, because it is easy to solve all the social («insoluble») issues, the problems of education, saving health, that is — the fate of Russian children. Besides — at no cost, hype, slogans, banners, promotions, — replace this madness is the case). The author of this technique for over 10 years of appeals to the country’s top officials and sports officials, «Give the children the idea of ​​combining at least one, the same, but a real chance for a bright future.»

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